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What do we do?

AuditOne is a freelancer marketplace for smart contract audits and all relevant auditing services required by crypto and blockchain projects.

AuditOne was developed to ensure that every project finds the right auditor to the right time to validate its code. Due to the exponential growth of the crypto & web3 ecosystem, the demand for qualified auditing services increases. Our matching platform enables efficient services in the decentralized world of DLTs.

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The AuditOne dashboard helps you keeping track with the services you have commissioned.


At AuditOne we posted an auditing task and got almost instant offer from auditors. It helped us quickly review our Ethereum smart-contract application and move on with it’s release.

– Mike, Rethink finance

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Crypto is fast and so is it’s development. We find here great people that can quickly help us finish our development.

– Simon, MetaFit

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